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Leisure and activities during your holiday in Villa Paradiso in Siena

Leisure activities

"Movie" holiday atmosphere for 2 people

you will experience the thrill of driving through the countryside of Tuscany on one of the most famous cars in the world, the convertible Alfa Romeo Duetto. Contact us for rental and road book.

Special Vespa Piaggio

what could be more fun than a ride on a Vespa? Try it for yourself, hire a Vespa Piaggio for 2 people. Easy parking in the designated spaces close to all town centres on two wheels and visit every corner of this fascinating land.

By mountain bike

For bikes lovers , rent a mountain bike for adults and children before your arrival. You can easily ride on the routes towards the rolling hills of Siena, Chianti and the Crete Senesi from "Villa Paradiso", moving towards the white roads of the "Eroica" in one of the most attractive itineraries for "bikers" which follow the track of the legendary "Eroica". What is more fascinating than riding along these dust roads? These rural roads are normally well kept and , with caution, can be used safely by whoever wants to follow the trail in the direction of the most famous hamlets as shown on the maps. We suggest you take the one that moves from charming Siena to the SR2 heading south. A few Kms ahead , you get to a fork and take your first white road of Tuscany. From Bibbiano follow the SP102, taking a long ride until you reach Montalcino, amidst a unique landscape which offers foreshortenings of incredible beauty.

Special occasions to celebrate

Celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays and moments to remember at Villa Paradiso

a large garden and pool are available for the events: book your chef at home, an excellent catering service, the "Gelape" with the best Italian ice-cream for receptions (request a quotation). We provide contacts for a wide range of florists, photographers, exclusive venues for weddings, conventions and facilities to suit any category, vintage car and limousine service.

Cerimonie, catering & banqueting

What can Gelape do for you? It can change the usual ceremony into an event! It can add a flair to your parties and banquets with a special treat: a good ice-cream. Do you want to offer your guests something extra to strike their imagination? Gelape is the answer. Delivery wherever requested. Our itinerant ice-cream service means kindness, fun and punctuality and above all a delicious ice-cream served in traditional cones or in elegant fancy cups or as an ingredient for fantastic aperitifs or cocktails. The "Ape", apart from being our element of distinction can be transformed into a carefully arranged setting. Fun is guaranteed in every king of ambience or circumstance. Here are some tips to show what Gelape can do on any occasion.Wedding reception : Gelape can organize an outdoor ice-cream service accessible to guests just after the wedding reception or in order to serve a refreshing dessert at the table.Christening Reception : Your baby's reception can consist in a simple dinner for your guests or it can become an enjoyable moment to give your guests the opportunity to taste a variety of different delicious ice-cream flavours . A Business Buffet : Why not pamper your customers to a tasty "aperitif" : Gelape can either arrange a full service at the table or self service facilities. Even with a cafè!

Nordic walking

The "SI VA " Association organizes excursions in Siena and its surroundings. Walk about with Nordic Walking sticks and make the most of nature and of your lifestyle. You happen to see hikers, more and more frequently, advancing with their sticks at a quick, dynamic pace, as if they were on a snowy landscape – but with no skis. One wonders who these hikers are.....Surely you have seen a Nordic walker before! Nordic Walking is an easy, healthy new sport which is practised with the aid of special sticks similar to cross-country skiing. In Siena, Nordic Walking was born in the spring of 2009 as an initiative of two Nordic Walking instructors, Antonella Moretti and Catherine Frey, who were later joined by a third instructor, Pierluca Fanetti. Together they established the Siena Nordic Walking Association. Their success is undoubtedly tied to their professionalism (being "ISEF" Physical Education graduates), but also to the strong legacy with the territory around Siena. The people who practise it are somehow related to certain characteristics: they prefer the simplicity of life and its natural rhythms, far away from the bustling noise, they are good company but they also appreciate solitude and surely love nature and try to respect it. It does not require any physical preparation, it is suitable for all age groups and is easy to learn. It is as feasible anywhere in the country as it is in the city, and you can walk in any season. No need for any special kind of clothing or equipment: a good pair of trainers and comfortable clothes will do .....and of course..... the famous sticks! There is no environmental impact at all and except for the "clicking" of sticks, there is no other disturbing element; indeed, those who walk in the middle of nature can discover all its wonders. The objective is to create a harmonious, fluid and dynamic movement involving the upper body and arms, too. The framework was officially launched in 1997 under the name of "sauvakaevely" (in Finnish "walking with sticks"). Nordic Walking immediately started to spread considerably in the Nordic countries first, and then around the world in order to make it what it is today. It is estimated there are more than 8 million Nordic walkers from 40 different countries on all continents. Should you have any queries please write an email to or contact an instructor: Antonella at 329/0841167, Caterina at 335/6055429, and Pierluca at 335/7019231.

Pet friends

For all animal lovers: We are pleased to welcome and accomodate your pet friends on our premises. We accept small and medium size dogs.